Sarah Pacheco, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Pacheco, Founder and CEO

Sarah was raised in Utah, and at 18, she joined the US Army. During her service, she met and married her husband while they were stationed at Fort Huachuca. After both left military service, they moved to Sierra Vista where they are raising their four children. Sarah is a graduate of Cochise College, the University of Arizona, and has a Masters of Professional Studies from George Washington University.  Sarah is employed at Chiricahua Community Health Centers as the Public Relations and Media Specialist.

“I founded the pantry when the need for this service was brought to my attention while working as an employee of the school district. What started as a small effort, working out of a school closet, has turned into an organized community effort through the help of dedicated volunteers. I have a passion for involving our community in the work of taking care of our students who are in need. I feel that by providing food directly to the children we serve,  we’re empowering them to take charge of their environment and education.”