In the News: Filling a Need

Filling a Need

By: Liz Manring

Published in the Sierra Vista Herald 

SIERRA VISTA — Thursday morning is food bagging and delivery day at the east end of the Rothery Center on Fry Boulevard, also known as the home of Peach’s Pantry.

“Don’t forget the extra sanitation, because it’s flu season!” says Lisa Conley, holding up hand sanitizer and squeezing it onto the hands of her crew of fellow volunteers who bustle around the room in assembly-line fashion, pulling cans, food boxes and water off shelves and placing them into bags that will soon be delivered to schools across Sierra Vista and in Huachuca City. The next day, they’ll go into the backpacks of more than a hundred hungry students, ensuring their bodies are nourished over the weekend.

In the News: Noble work found in Peach’s Pantry


Our View: Noble work found in Peach’s Pantry

Published in the Sierra Vista Herald 

Nov 15, 2015

Watching the development of Peach’s Pantry in Sierra Vista is a bit like listening to the story about stone soup.

From the humble beginnings of a counselor’s closet, to a volunteer effort that provides needed food to some 120 students every Friday, Peach’s Pantry has grown into a community of concerned citizens that will soon formalize as a nonprofit organization.

Hunger is not a problem we can eliminate. Food banks, community donations and charity drives have done and continue to do a great job raising awareness and providing for immediate needs, with the best of our efforts usually tied to the holidays. Continue reading “In the News: Noble work found in Peach’s Pantry”